Edna the Sex Ed Mobile!

Meet St. Edna the Sex Ed Mobile!

EdnaspaceShe is a 1987 Toyota Toyhome Camper that was born in New Jersey, adopted and renovated in Oregon, and traveled the country with Amory Jane (that’s me!) to help bring fun, honest, pleasure-positive sex education to the masses.

Edna was named after Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950) – one of my feminist heroes and all-time favorite poets.  Edna St. Vincent Millay has been described as “the poetic voice of eternal youth, feminine revolt and liberation, of potent sensitivity and suggestiveness.” She was independent, a deep thinker, and she talked about sexuality in ways that were considered quite scandalous at the time. She also had open relationships but was a true romantic, was often called a hedonist, and she was openly bisexual and politically rebellious. Perhaps you can see why she’s my inspiration? 😉

carpetI renovated Edna with help from DIY websites, Youtube videos, a brain that likes to dream big, and a whole lot of elbow grease. I started off with little to no experience with motorhomes and renovations, but taught myself a lot through internet research plus some interesting trial and error. 

This summer, Edna the RV blossomed into St. Edna the Traveling Sex Ed Mobile. On August 30th we left Portland to go on the road to Ednastart a new life chapter and meet other sex educators, authors, researchers, and sex geeks. Edna was my tiny home on wheels, my noble steed, and a conversation starter in cities across the United States. She transported me to teach and speak and talk to folks about sexuality all over the country, and I am grateful for the time we’ve spent making memories together.

UPDATE: St. Edna the Sex Ed Mobile has been retired and sold off to people who could afford to keep up on her many needed repairs. They will be using her for family vacations. She is missed every day.

Even though Edna is no longer my sex ed mobile, she holds a special place in the hearts of everyone who met her. Everything she represented and worked toward (making consent-based, pleasure-positive education accessible to people all over the country + her spirit of adventure and independence) will carry on. This particular chapter may be over, and Edna may feel like a beloved character we lost too early, but the story is still going strong. Even if it takes a variety of planes, trains, and automobiles, Amory Jane’s passion for sex education and empowering others will continue to take her everywhere she needs to go.