Protected: Yes/Maybe/No – Dirty Talk Edition

YES Venn Diagram

I suggest doing this exercise solo first, to completely allow yourself to be honest and uninhibited. If you have partners you want to explore with, I recommend having them do this exercise on their own first as well, and then come together and compare your columns. If you’re nerdy like me, you can turn all of the YES answers into a Dirty Talk Venn Diagram! 😛

What to do:

Take a piece of paper and fold it into three columns. Left column should be labeled YES, middle column should be labeled MAYBE, and right column should be labeled NO.

Read the list of dirty talk words and phrases below and then write them into the column that feels best for you. For example, if you read the phrase “dirty slut” is that a yes, maybe, or no for you to hear/say? If it is a yes to say but not hear (or hear but not say), put it in the maybe column with an asterisk (*) after it and let your partner know your preferences for that word/phrase.

For the sentences, you can just write the number of the sentence in the cloumn.

I also highly encourage you add your own words/phrases to this list. This is just a starting point to get the conversation flowing! Follow up questions and adding more to the list any time you come across new ideas is also very encouraged!











Come (some people have a preference on the “proper” spelling like this vs the more slang “cum)



Front hole



Princess / Prince



Queen / King / My Liege




Sir / Ma’am





Juicy / juices


Fuck toy

Bad boy/boi/girl

Cowboy / cowgirl

You’re mine

I’m Yours

Take me

Deeper / harder / faster

Dirty slut

Happy slut

Cum Dumpster

Don’t stop!

Holy shit!

Pretty little mouth

Fuck my face


1. I’m addicted to you.

2. I love it when I can squeeze my pussy around your fingers.

3. Your ___ (pussy, cunt, cum, etc.) tastes sooo good!

4. I want you to be as loud as you can when you come.

5. I want you all the way inside me; give me all of you.

6. I want you to cum for me.

7. I love feeling you in my hands!

8. When you pull my hair, it makes me want to come.

9. Your cock is so delicious.

10. I want you to come all over me.

11. You’re my good little slut, aren’t you?

12. Your ____ (body part) was made for me.

13. I want you to cum inside of me.

14. Am I being a good girl/boy/boi?

15. You’re going to forget your name after I’m done fucking you tonight.

16. Relax… just lie back and let me make you cum.

17. You taking charge is such a turn on.

18. I want to dominate you tonight.

19. Your cock fits in me so perfectly.

20. May I serve / worship you?

25. Show me how you touch yourself

26. Get on your knees, now

27. Whose ___ (insert name for genitals) is this? That’s right, mine.

28. Pound my tight little holes with your big cock Daddy.

29. I’m going to drain every last ounce of cum out of you.

30. I want you to fuck me in front of the mirror.

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