2020 Sex Educator Updates

This post is a shortened version of my full 2020 update over on my Patreon page. Speaking of, I would still love your support if you appreciate what I do and want to help me keep doing it more and more!

2020 has been a rough year, y’all. Yet, sexuality and human bonding are still happening, and people are just as thirsty for sex and relationship education as ever. While many people have had to change how they’re experiencing sex and sensuality, those amongst us who are sexual/sensual creatures are still craving and seeking those connections with themselves/others. 

Creating videos and online classes has been on my career to-do list for a couple years now, but I can barely find time to fit in regular live classes (my fave thing I do in my job) between everything else going on. While I haven’t YET succeeded in recording many videos, the pandemic did at least force me into taking my classes online!

It was definitely awkward at first, especially as an extrovert who heavily relies on getting my stage presence/presenter energy from a live audience. After my first two times though, I started getting used to doing live classes on Zoom, and now I quite enjoy it. It’s fun to be able to teach to larger numbers of people, from all over the country (and sometimes even the world)!

My next class is on September 22nd and is only $10 if you want to join!

Sex education is still one of my biggest passions, but it is challenging trying to balance a full-time career with being a parent and nurturing important relationships (while living during the pandemic, wildfires/hazardous air, and the probable downfall of the USA). I am still actively teaching, but being more selective now, and really savoring those sweet moments of educating and relating. I’m keeping it to about one event/workshop a month and trying not to spread myself too thin. Always trying to remember that saying: It’s a marathon not a sprint. 

I am still a sex educator, and I must remember my role does help. Especially when my sex education is inclusive, intersectional, affirming, and rooted in social justice. This year has been grueling, but as long as my work is lifting people up, leading to more pleasure, building consent culture, helping people to connect and understand, find their confidence and power, embrace their vulnerabilities, or treat others with more care, I’m going to keep doing it.

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