About Amory Jane

Hello, I’m Amory Jane! I am a sex educator & empowerment coach, licensed psilocybin facilitator, mom, and former host of the podcast Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane. I am also the Director of Education & Events at She Bop, a woman-owned sex toy boutique in Portland, Oregon.

Since becoming a professional educator, I have been written about in Playboy Magazine, featured on Fusion TV, been a guest on Savage Lovecast and The Sensual Self podcast, and was the subject of a BBC documentary. I have spoken on dozens of panels, produced an award-winning variety show, and have taught hundreds of workshops around the country.

I love to help people explore life and get in touch with their confidence. I strive for personal growth to feel like a joyful opportunity, whenever possible. Of course, I acknowledge it isn’t always possible. There are times when shame, anxiety, and past traumas come into play and feel heavy. Let’s hold that energy together and use it toward transformation! I consider it my duty to help you lift your shame-based burdens, smash them on the ground, and make room for your triumphant unfolding.

I believe pleasure is a human right. I also know it is not equally accessible to everyone. I approach education & coaching from an intersectional feminist lens. Oppression can have a major impact on health, wellness, and relationships. Therefore racial justice, disability and queer rights, equity, and increased access all belong at the forefront of sex education (and psilocybin services). This is a major reason why I have a variety of offerings at varying prices/sliding scale for most of my sessions and workshops.

My education style is playful, inclusive, shame-free, and chock full of info, ideas, and anecdotes. I teach online and in-person, and prefer group classes to private instruction. I usually show tools/toys and demonstrations (when appropriate). I prefer having audience interaction, as I believe it enriches the experience for everyone when people ask questions openly and share about sex, gender, and other intimate topics that folks don’t often get to share with strangers in an affirming, positive, and structured environment.

Pleasure, fun, and exploration are the focus of my educational offerings, and consent and communication lead the way. A Masters in Psychology and a background in Somatics influence my work. Rad Black sex-positive feminists have taught me a lot and deserve the biggest credit (and money) for the sex-positive movement.

Ask me all the reasons why and I’ll talk your ear off, but sex education is a passion and path of mine, which I see connected to a bigger picture of pleasure and liberation for all. I feel really lucky and grateful that I get to do the work I do. I acknowledge the massive privilege I have in being able to proudly hold this energy and talk about sex when there are so many others who do not have the safety and freedom to do so.

I love sharing everything I’ve learned in an engaging, inclusive, and connective way. If you want to host me for a class, work together, or have me for an interview, check out my offerings then email me: amoryjane.edu@gmail.com